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Fruits & Flowers

The selection of fruits and flowers made by Nishikidôri will surprise you by the sweet, delicate, acidulous, tasty, fresh and vitaminized notes of the Japanese gastronomy.

  • Juice, marmalade and other japanese fruits

    Yuzu and other citrus fruit juices and powders are omnipresent in Japanese cooking. Japan counts a huge number of citrus species: yuzu, sudachi, amanatsu, daidai, mikan tangerine, pomelo hassaku… Their juices are full of vitamins, freshness and just as the peel powders, they will enhance pastries, ice creams and other cooking preparations.

    Learn more about yuzu culture.

  • Edible flowers

    Edible dried flowers have been a fashion touch in Japan for a few years. Used as decoration for plates, tables, biscuits… And even brides use them for hairdo. Viola, Verbena, four-leaf clover dried flowers will brighten a tasty and delicate daily dish.

  • Fruits

    Numerous elaborated Japanese fruits are remarkable in Japanese gastronomy: ume plum marmelade, yuzu marmelade, yuzu powder, candied yuzu… These fruits offer either savoury or sweet mixing combinations.

  • Fruit syrup

    In Japan, people are very fond of fruit syrups.  The citrus fruit ones are the most famous. Yuzu, sudachi, mikan tangerine, are very popular. They drink the syrups at home, in bars, cafeterias, izakaya restaurants. Just add some plain or sparkling water and you will have a very nice refreshment.

  • Fresh fruits

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