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Birthplace of quality
Since 1753, the Kamebishiya story has developed over many generations in the heart of a fertile province : Kagawa prefecture, the largest area producing soy sauce with traditional production methods. Located on the coast of the Seto inland sea, it is blessed with a very mild climate, perfectly suited to growing exceptional soya and wheat.

Champions of tradition
Kamebishiya, brewer of traditional soy sauce, is the only one in Japan to have preserved to this day ancestral methods, the "mushiro koji" process, which gives a unique taste to their products. Very careful selection of the ingredients, respect of fermentation times, attention to detail are all part of the well-kept secrets which contribute to the fame of this family business moving with the times.

Soy sauce : professionally produced
Kamebishi traditional soy sauce is created from koji, a subtle combination of crushed wheat grains, steam cooked soya beans and mould. Cultivated under supervision on a bed of straw for three days and nights it is then mixed with salty water and poured into cedar casks: this is what is known as traditional moromi which, after at least two long years of fermentation, becomes the famous Kamebishiya soy sauce.


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