Japanese Miso


Miso is really essential in Japanese diet and cooking. It is mainly made from rice or soy, or even barley or oat. The most made misos are the white miso and the country miso.

  • White Miso
    <p>Usually used for sweet style miso soup and zoni, and as an ingredient for dengaku miso or vinegar miso.</p>
  • Pale Miso
    <p>Based on a mild flavoured Country Miso, we put further handmade kôji, it has mild sweetness and profound taste.</p>
  • Red Miso
    <p>It is a miso fermented and maturated without temperature control in wooden barrels located in a natural brewing house</p>
  • Flavored Miso
    <p>Original miso meeting your need of flavor and ingredients</p>
  • French Chefs Miso
    <p>These miso are specially arranged for chefs in France. Miso used for these products are specially fermented miso which has about 50% of salt content compared to the normal miso in order to harmonize other ingredients.</p>

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