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Nishikidôri Market, the web version of the most famous market in Japan !

You’ll discover – or rediscover – all the flavour and quality of an age-old gastronomy which is both simple and top of the range : Japanese gastronomy.
The elaboration of the products and articles carefully and lovingly chosen by Nishikidôri Market – almost all of them natural, without additives, preservatives or colour – follow Japanese tradition to the letter. To the greatest satisfaction of chefs throughout the world... and now yours !

Already available or coming shortly:

sauces & soya salt, seeds, sesame oils & pastes, wasabi, moon salt, vinegars, seaweed (oboro kombu, shirahita kombu), rice, soba, udon & ramen noodles, sakura cherry blossom, sakes, shôchû, liqueurs, whisky, umeshu, miso, tofu, outstanding teas, dried plums (Umeboshi), dehydrated stock & stock bases, berries & spices, authentic juices & marmalades, sauces & seasonings, sugar, kitchen knives, Japanese lacquerware.


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products by page