Powder & flakes fruit

Powder & flakes fruit

  • Fruit juice
    <p><a href="">Japanese fruit</a> juices are full of vitamins, freshness and just as the peel powders, they will enhance pastries, ice creams and other cooking preparations.</p>
  • Fruit syrup
    <p>In Japan, people are very fond of <a href="">fruit</a> syrups. The citrus fruit ones are the most famous. Yuzu, sudachi, mikan tangerine, are very popular. They drink the syrups at home, in bars, cafeterias, izakaya restaurants. Just add some plain or sparkling water and you will have a very nice refreshment.</p>
  • Fruits puree
  • Fruit skins
  • Natural essence
  • Yuzu
  • Dried and fresh fruit

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