List of products by manufacturer FUJINI SHOUKAI Co., Ltd.

Fujini Shoukai Co., has been selling high quality Japanese tea and Uji tea to tea stores in Kyoto from the mid 20th to early 21st century.

Recently, Japanese tradition has changed and the unique tradition of Japanese tea has faded.

Due to the changes in price and demande, business has changed from selling wholesale to tea stores to creating industrial tea, industrial matcha for confectionaries and creating Japanese tea suited for customers overseas.

Our product development concepts are “natural”, “healthy”, “safe” and “reasonable”.

All teas are custom-made to suit the customer’s orders.

In Japan, tea is offered at restaurants at no cost. Therefore it is very important that stores are able to offer high quality tea at low costs.

To insure that the customers are satisfied with our tea, we have a connoisseur to pick out and choose the best tea.